Little Announcement

I think I’ll start posting some little snippets of my writing, scenes that don’t fit in my book, but I wrote anyway because some things need to be written. They probably won’t make sense.

Let’s just say my main two characters, Celine and Ryan, are stuck in relationship limbo from the 18th century. Sounds fun, right?

I wrote about a hundred of these blurbs, and continue to write them. I suppose I should start another project, or continue to edit the current book I have. Although, every time I load up the MS document, I read a little bit and pause. Damn, did I write that, wow that’s a good line. Or something like, this is all terrible I should delete everything.

There is no in between, just those two extremes.

Maybe it’s due to fear. I don’t want to start another book because my first one is sitting, alone and unread.

Or I’m lazy or I have writer’s block.

Possibly a combination of all three.

Also, has anyone ever asked friends and family to read your precious baby, only to find out all those copies you printed are forgotten or lost. How do you lose 300 pages?

Did they burn it or something?

Nonetheless, this has forced me to seek help from people of the internet. And if you know me, you know I’m deathly afraid of them. It’s irrational and annoying, which is why I’ve started this blog in the first place.

Well, to hopefully gather an audience, but also to overcome my fear. And so, a few days ago I created a Goodreads account and tried to find beta readers. The first five minutes went well until I chickened out and created a post asking for people to help me instead. So far, no responses.

A part of me is sad, but another part is happy. It means I get to avoid talking to faceless people, but then I don’t get to improve my book.

I’ll let you guys know (ha, like I actually have a following) if anything comes us.

Anyways, this post has become random enough! Until later, happy editing!


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