Dead Leaves

She bunched them in her hands and threw the leaves up into the sky. They twirled down, some landing on her hair.

Celine repeated the process, this time covering herself in leaves. They stuck to her hair and dress, not bothering to remove them. She laughed, pure and uncensored , joy spreading through her veins.

If only everyday life was like this. She sighed.

Celine sat on the ground, her dress gathering around. For the moment, the dirt and the leaves didn’t bother her. How long would that last? Cranking her head to the sky, Celine spoke. “Why can’t everyday be joyful?”

“Joy is joy, because of sadness. It gives meaning to joy.” Came his familiar voice.

She didn’t move, used to his sudden appearances. How like Connolly.

He joined her on the grass, a respectable distance away. “Besides, I can grant you some.”

“Some…?” Celine quirked an eyebrow.

“Joy, happiness. Things you so desire.”

Was he serious or joking? One could never tell with Connolly. “Oh? Are you up to the challenge?” She settled on teasing.

“I shall undertake it with great strive and confidence.”

“That remains to be seen.” Celine leaned over and kissed him.


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