She sneezed, once, twice, three times. It was enough.

He rolled his eyes the amount of times she sneezed, a dizzying feat. Perhaps once was sufficient.

“You’ll catch your death.”

She huffed. “Death shall have to wait.”

“Oh? I suppose he will wait patiently,” he said, lips tilting up in one direction.

“He must. Any true gentleman would with acknowledgements to you.” She rubbed her arms, looking away.

Ah, the playful mood had soured. “But you are not my keeper.”

She smiled to herself, as if sharing a secret only she knew. “And you mine, yet here we in this eternal dance.”

He waved it off. “Come now, let us get you situated into bed.”

She complied, not giving much of a fight. A tad surprising if not disappointing. He offered his arm and she took it, maintaining a respectable distance away.

“If for some reason I do meet an early end, it would be at your hands,” she said.

“True, but you haven’t displayed any of the early symptoms.” She never flushed, never flirted, no lingering touches… He should change that.

“Thank the Lord. One alignment is enough!”

He laughed and tightened his hold on her arm, a slight flush making its way on her cheeks. Be it the cold or his touch, he shall never know.

via Daily Prompt: Symptom


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