Job Searching Sucks

Hello to the two people who might read my blog!

I’ve sort of forgotten about this blog for a little awhile, the usual excuses being life. Anyways, I’ve been applying to jobs like any other desperate job seeker and I finally landed an interview! And boy did it sound great!

Wedding planner assistant that specialized in obtaining services for the bride. The responsibilities included calling and recruiting people to their company. I think-no, I know-I have a phobia of phone calls.

Look at that, pure evil. EVIL.

Blast from the past that no one asked for! It all goes back to my first job, working in the Bursar office of my college. I received no training and my supervisor literally told me to pick up the phone and left me alone in a cubicle. So I picked up the phone when it rang but no one answered so now I’m thinking my phone was broken. Turns out there was a specific way of answering the phone. I later learned that all the questions users asked me were only answerable to those who knew the secret language of the Bursar office which I never learned. Mostly because I quit the job right after the semester ended, but, I digress.

So, I go to the place and it’s a quaint little office, three desks with one board room all in one large room. The walls were adorned with happy couples, kissing and partying. In short, it looked promising. The front desk was empty and I had a sneaking suspicion this would be my spot if I were hired. I waited a good ten minutes before speaking with the boss man, a well-dressed man with a large smile.

He was nice, we did the regular interview gig. I thought I did a swell job and I did. I get called for a second interview which never happened before. Also the day of the interview a huge snow storm passed by and it was one of the worst drives of my life. My car got stuck in the snow on the way and when I got there the wedding planner’s office was in a parking lot filled with snow. I had to park my car a block away and walk in the snow in tights and flats. Not a fun experience.

Anyways, I go to the second interview and realized there were only two people at this office. Not ideal, but okay. Then I also had to provide my own laptop. Not ideal at all but I really need a job. The interview went great and the guy told me he’ll let me know. A few hours later I get the call. And guess what? I got the job! My joy lasted a few seconds before crushing anxiety ravaged my chest. I would spend most of the day on the phone calling people. It was a frightening thought.

A day later I kind of got over it while I filled out the mandatory HR papers. Their forms were…terrible. Missing pronouns and weirdly worded sentences.

One question asked: Have you ever applied /worked for Company before?

Now, at the time I was like yes, I’ve applied to companies before. Then the form asked when. I simply included the previous company I’ve interned at. End of story.

I sent these documents to the HR lady and she sends me an email asking when I applied. I then realized I had made a mistake and told her so. No response. At this point I start to panic but then rationalize that I’m overthinking and everything will be fine and soon I’ll be working at a shitty job.

A day later I get a response back from the company essentially saying they don’t want me anymore. I followed up and asked for a reason, one they will never give. I spent the rest of the day in a foul mood, snapping at everyone. I mean who can blame me? It really hurt, like what? I wasn’t good enough or did I have a secret, evil past I was unaware of but the HR department uncovered.

Maybe it’s for the better, maybe this job wasn’t meant for me. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m still unemployed, I’m still looking for a job, and I’m also still looking for a beta to read my book.

On the flip side, I’ve joined a facebook writing group. I hope to finally get a beta reader. In all, this is one huge push to get over my phone phobia-telephobia-and also my fear of talking to people on the internet. I can’t continue life like this, especially so if I want to publish this book.

And to anyone else that’s having a shitty time looking for jobs while also trying to publish their book-keep trying.

Always plan your own weddings, a lot cheaper…



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