Cass Strikes Again

So the past few weeks I’ve had chest pain which led to a doctor’s appointment which led to a diagnosis of GERD (fancy name for heartburn) which led to medicine which led to more heartburn.

I don’t know if I have GERD, but whatever it is fucking blows. So I call the doctor -phones, my eternal enemy- and being the awkward smuck I am, well, it went well. And of course I’m pacing the whole time.

I have to leave a message so the conversation basically goes like this:

“Hi, uh, I’m Cass and I went to the doctor’s office for an appointment and the doctor told me to call if there’s any problems. So give me a call, that’d be great, thanks.”

Few seconds later I realized I didn’t leave a number and last time I went they had trouble finding me in their system so I had to call back and leave my number.

“Hi again, I just called a few seconds ago, it’s Cass yeah. Um, here’s my number. Bye.”

After I hang up, I spent a few seconds cringing at how awkward and stupid the whole exchange was. Maybe next time I won’t forget to leave my number.


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